Spring / Deep Cleaning

Spring comes but once a year, but we recommend two Spring (a.k.a. Deep) Cleanings annually. Building on our Detailed Home Cleaning service, the Spring/Deep Cleaning add additional attention to detail and services offered. Customize your cleaning service so your cleaning fits your needs and budget!

  • Base Cleaning Services Provided:
  • Clean range top and surface
  • Clean and shine sink(s)
  • Clean and polish appliances, inside & outside microwave
  • Sanitize all countertop surfaces
  • Wipe exterior cupboards, backsplash, and kitchen furniture
  • Full cleaning of shower and bathtub
  • Including walls and glass partitions
  • Clean, dry, and shine mirrors, sink(s), chrome and tiles
  • Scrub and sanitize toilet
  • Clean exterior of cabinets
  • Sanitize countertop surfaces
  • Dust exposed surfaces including baseboards
  • Dust blinds, ceiling fans, corners, picture frames, and furniture
  • Wipe and sanitize touchpoints
  • Including doorknobs, rails, and light switches
  • Clean, dry, and shine mirrors
  • Spot clean interior windows for obvious smudges
  • Vacuum carpets and/or sweep and mop floors
  • Empty waste-baskets and replace bags
  • Please leave new clean bags and instruct cleaners where to leave waste
  • Change linen & make beds
  • Please leave clean sheets on bed as a signal to our staff to change the bed. Dirty linens will be placed in laundry hamper/laundry area

Add on Extra Services to Customize Your Cleaning Experience!

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